With the Internet's use as a universal world wide reference source rapidly growing, it is becoming more important to have a web presence to maintain competitiveness. The potential for increased sales and marketing exposure is enormous as one can immediately offer more detailed information on services or products to local inquiries, while increasing exposure to millions around the world, some of whom may be looking for services or a product in your area.

DezignAWeb offers a quick and easy way of establishing an informative web page. We specialize in simple, low cost, and effective web pages, that get to the point, and don't take too long to download.

We cater for businesses that DO NOT want to pay on going monthly charges of $50 or more, people who just want a Web page on the internet and pay a ONE OFF FEE of around $100 and see their page hosted for life.

All our web pages are hosted on fast, reliable, 24 hour monitored servers, for businesses or individuals anywhere in the world at a very reasonable cost. Your page can even be online within 48 hours of order, and once established, will work for you 24 hours a day.

Your unique web address can then be used in your brochures, advertisements and on business cards, enabling anyone, anywhere, to easily and immediately access much detailed and comprehensive information on your company and services. There can also be links to written referrals and/or recommendations by past and current clients and you can also save on printing costs and postage by placing follow up newsletters or bulletins on your web site.

Web Name Forwarding

Have you ever wanted to forward your Domain name to any address you want, such as gets forwarded to a free page on Xoom, Geocities or even Clearnet. Now you can design your own page and host it on a free site and have any name you want going straight to it, for a cost of $200 per year.

Such as gets forwarded to a Free page at CLEAR NET

DezignAWeb Site Cost

There is an initial site setup fee of $100, and then a $10 charge every time there is a change to the site.
DezignAWeb can offer low cost web sites by not requiring payment for unwanted space or features, while providing simple, effective, easy to establish web pages that work.

Web Host Provider Account: - this is required only for a commercial web site, and is storage space on a host computer permanently connected to Internet. Your web page files are then uploaded to this host computer where they are available 24 hours a day for anyone requesting access via their browser. A monthly rental is required for the space, plus an initial setup fee. Note that a web host account does not provide you with dial up Internet access - you will still need a separate access account, as below, to look at your own, or other web pages, and to send/receive email.

A 'Domain Name' ( is also necessary, this being the address of your web site on the Internet. Cost can be from $100 to $500 to setup and then $50/Month.

DezignAWeb Site Format

Our standard web page format is the text information on your services, of up to 250 words, plus one color photo or graphic per page. There can be any number of pages, and all you have to do is supply the text and photos, and indicate the desired layout.

The text on DezignAWeb pages always loads and displays first, to give the inquirer something to read while any longer loading photo or graphic is being downloaded and displayed. Additional photos or graphics can be used on each page if wished, at extra cost, but these will slow down the display time of your page. Be careful in this regard, as though slick graphics can be appealing, they also cost considerably more, and worse, this can be extra money spent on nothing more than irritating potential customers with a long download time. Many prospective customers just give up and move on to the next site.

We thus strongly believe it is important to have your web page appear within seconds, and for this to be a clear and concise directory on what you offer, and how to quickly get the information the customer is seeking, without unnecessary delays.

If you already have a web site

But just need the relevant pages to be constructed and up loaded to your existing web site, then we can also do this. Cost depends on complexity and features required, and will range from $40 to $150 per page.

Temporary Web Pages

For when you need a short term temporary page to complement any advertisement (the page address is included in the advertisement). Examples include more detailed information, including photos, on a house, car, or business for sale. The cost of this is $25 per month.

Search Engines

These are the index for the web, and there are hundreds of such search engines or indexes, which enable anyone to find web sites related to any subject of interest. Usual procedure is to log on to a particular Search Engine (such as Yahoo), type in a key word or words on the subject of interest, and the Search Engine will then search through the entire web and can return hundreds of 'hits' on the subject, sorted in order of relevance.

The object for many web sites is to try and come up in the top ten or twenty returns, but with hundreds or thousands of competing sites this can be very hard to achieve, and impossible to do consistently. It takes very careful web page design, with key words and content arranged so as to ensure a high degree of relevance to the subject of interest, and then submit it in the right format to the many different Search Engines.

Most phone companies now also have 'on line' versions of their yellow pages, which are accessible via the Internet. A link from your yellow pages advertisement to your own web site is now possible in most cases, and such 'live advertisements' are much more effective over advertisements without such a link or associated web site. In many cases, those listings with a link to a web site are also given priority by the phone company. For instance there are over 500 Motels in the Auckland area, but only a few have web sites, which always come up first on Telecoms Internet Yellow pages. Such companies then have a significant advantage as a prospective customer can immediately access much more detailed information on the services offered, work examples, testimonials, etc. A small yellow pages advertisement can thus be as effective as a multi page advertisement for a fraction of the cost.

Summary and Costs of Available Services:

Standard Web Site - $100 site setup fee and $10 per change
There can be any number of pages, up to 250 words and 3 colour photos or graphic per page.

Web Name Forwarding

Have you ever wanted to forward your Domain name to any address you want, such as gets forwarded to a free page on Xoom, Geocities or even Clearnet. Now you can design your own page and host it on a free site and have any name you want going straight to it, for a cost of $200 per year.

Dezign Costs - Vary upon customers needs.

Email Reply Form - Free
This is a simple 'popup' email reply form in your site for any potential client to ask you any questions or request information. It then automatically goes to your email address. Click here to see an example.
Data Reply Form - $200
This is similar to an email reply form, but a little more sophisticated, with a tabular format with specific questions for the inquirer to answer in order to obtain relevant information. This can be used for buying  a product or for Credit Card verification. This tends to get more response as it can be easier for a prospective customer to fill in rather than to write an email message. Click here to see an example.
Submission to Top Ten Search Engines - $50
Where necessary, this allows your site to be found, and it is important that this be done well otherwise no one will know your site exists, or be able to find it. Search Engines are the Internet index, and for good exposure a site needs to come up early in any search result after some relevant key words are entered in. The key to success here is a well laid out, carefully worded site, with the correct key words in the right places. Being listed with a Search Engine can take two weeks or more, and we go back and check that your site can be found easily. Our business depends on it. You can do this yourself if you have Internet access, but it is a time consuming process, and if not done right your results may not be satisfactory.
Temporary Web Pages - $25 per month
For increasing the effectiveness of any advertisement
Moving Graphics - cost will vary depending on complexity. Not normally recommended due to slowing down the site, but sometimes moving graphics can be justified - click here to see an example.
Basic -$25, Detailed $50
To show location of your premises.  A local map will need to be supplied, and we will convert it or redraw into the correct Internet format.
Maintenance or Changes - $10 per page per time
This is a flat fee for any text changes per page to keep site up to date.

Setting Up Your Page

Once you have decided to establish a DezignAWeb web page, then your first step is to contact us and detail what you require. Then email it to us, along with any photos or graphics required.


Payment can be made via any of the following methods

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Cancellation Policy

If the Client cancels the work for the website at any stage, then the deposit paid is NOT refundable.

For any questions on establishing your website,  email us at:

PO Box 163027
New Zealand

See You Soon
Sam the Webmaster