Do you love fishing? Isn’t it relaxing to recline by the lake and watch the sunset? Imagine a chance meeting with a beautiful fish. It jumps out of the water and dives right in back to the lake. Your companion, complete with his fishing equipment, sits on the boat and stays in the middle of the lake, trying to catch something. At last, he comes back and his beautiful prize is a shiny fish. Now, THEY have something for dinner. Okay… probably fishing is not your cup of tea but I am sure a lot of men, mostly fathers, grandfathers, sons are itching to know about this gadget related to fishing. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to bring home a gorgeous marlin to show off to friends?

Problem is, you dont have your fishing rod with you. But your friend has his Pen Fishing Rod with him. You borrowed it, caught a fish, and gives back the beautiful gadget. What a useful pen!

It is eight inches long as a pen but it opens up to reveal a fishing rod four feet long. Not only that, but the magnificent fishing rod is made up of aluminum alloy. It has a left and right handed reel and a 5 lb breaking strain line. Other than these, it has a triple hook spinner! With a line brake and a line fastener, this small fishing rod is very stable and durable as well.

It is suitable for people aged 14 years or above. It is very portable; it is very durable. What more will you ask for? Catch that marlin with the Pen Fishing Rod!