Hands Free Can Opener

Manual can openers can be awkward - sometimes the can slips out and makes a mess. If you have arthritis they can be very difficult to use. With electric can openers you are stuck to the nearest outlet and they take up precious counter space. The HandsFree Can Opener is the best can opener ever invented! You simply place the HandsFree  cordless can opener on the can, press the button, and the can is open in seconds!


Don't you hate those sharp edges on the lids after you open a can? The HandsFree  Can Opener opens cans from the side so there are no sharp edges to cut yourself on! Have you ever opened a can but didn't use all of the contents? Don't waste time emptying the can into a new container! After using the HandsFree  can opener, the lids pop right back on for easy storage! It's great for canned pet food and other times when you don't need to use the whole can!

With manual can openers there is so much twisting and turning that it sometimes seems impossible to open a can without spilling! With the HandsFree  handheld electric can opener opening cans has never been easier! This amazing cordless can opener does all the work for you, and when it's done, the lid sticks to the magnet - it never falls in! You will never have to dig that dusty germ-covered lid out of your food again! Best of all, the HandsFree Can Opener works on any size can!

Opens cans of all sizes
Battery operated (opens
over 100 cans per set of batteries*)

Stores conveniently in a drawer
Easy Lift after can opened
Contemporary styling fits any kitchen

Safe with no sharp edges
No more messy accidents



RRP $49.99

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