Expandable Hose





This revolutionary garden hose expands automatically into a full-sized hose when the water is turned on and you can watch this mini hose grow to itís maximum length.

Expandable Hose is lightweight, compact, easy to store and carry and unlike most garden hoses it doesnít kink. This hose is so small it can fit in the palm of your hand.


This revolutionary hose is perfect for cleaning your deck/patio/terraces, wash your car, water your garden and much more! Expandable hose is very compact and can be stored easily when youíre finished using it. Since itís so lightweight itís easy to navigate and maneuver around unlike traditional garden hoses which can be quite bulky.

Expandable Hose is designed to be kink, twist and tangle proof so you donít have to worry about your hose getting damaged like ordinary hoses which can cost a lot more money. This mini hose is easy to use as you just turn on the water and watch it grow and when youíre finished using it watch it shrink back to its original size. The secret behind the Expandable Hose is the accordion design that helps it expand long and strong for use. This is one As Seen on TV hose that youíll want to buy.

Revolutionary 25ft or 50ft or 75ft Expandable Garden Hose
Will never twist, tangle or kink
Automatically expands up to 3 times its size when water is turned on
Automatically contracts when the water is turned off
Super strong and durable, but light-weight
Comes with adapter fitting for New Zealand taps
A garden essential

A tangle-free experience!

Are you tired of playing tug of war with the garden hose every time you need to water the plants or car? Iím sure this takes away all the love you nurture for gardening, right? So, do you think life could become simpler?

Now wash away those annoying tangles, twists and kinks with this amazing garden hose which expands up to three times its size when water is turned on! This revolutionary expandable hose is designed to be significantly conventional and more useful traditional hose. Unlike the usual rigid tube of plastic or rubber, it is made of two layers - the inner layer is made of a tough rubber that stretches to allow room for expansion during use, so your garden hose expands up to three times its size when water is turned!

The second layer has a strong nylon webbing that expands when the hose is filled with water. It helps protect the inner hose from punctures and isnít prone to melting or freezing in extreme temperatures. Simply connect it to your faucet, turn it on, and voila! When water flows through the hose the rubber hose inside of the hose will expand up to three times its original size, so you can turn up the water as much as you need! The expandable hose is light-weight and its unique construction ensures it will never tangle, kink or pinch during use.

So get this amazing garden hose today and watch how everybody begins to love gardening!

Garden spray hose nossle is not included and is shown for display purposes only, Also the colour of the hose is either Green or Blue. If you would like a nossle please purchase below

Warrenty on all hoses is 60 days

25 Foot  (7 Metre) RRP $60      Our Price $40
50 Foot  (15 Metre) RRP $100   Our Price $50
75 Foot  (22 Metre) RRP $120   Our Price $80
Garden spray Gun Our Price $9.99