Lumb R Grip 

Magic Hook

Get Organized! Lumb-R-Grip help you reduce clutter with just a twist of the wrist - NTN - no tools needed! Create storage space you never new you had by utilizing exposed timber in your attic, garage, basement shed, anywhere. With just a twist of the wrist the Lumb-R-Grip is installed and ready to hold up to 200 lbs. It can hold literally anything you can hang on a hook! And it is removable and reusable! The unique design ensures easy removal and allows you to relocate the hook as needed. It is the perfect solution for any home.

 Features: Unique hook design Clamp-like black-painted hook end that attached to beam Two holes on black hook end for permanent mounting Solid steel construction Wide hook for hanging items Red no-scratch coating on hook Each holds up to 200 lbs. Easy Installation - NTN! Use indoors or outdoors