Magic Mesh

Itís summer and after long cold months we all want to open our doors and windows and let the fresh air in. The problem with doing this though is that along with that fresh air are lots of bugs and insects that we donít want in our homes. Mosquitoes, bees and flies can be a real nuisance but they donít have to be. You can enjoy that fresh air while keeping the pesky bugs outside where they belong with Magic Mesh

Magic Mesh is an ingenious invention that allows you to keep the fresh air and breeze blowing during the nice weathered months without the hassle of pesky bugs and insects making their way into your home. Magic Mesh is a revolutionary door cover that automatically opens and closes behind you. The magic is in the 18 magnetic straps that make going through the door easy as it shuts quickly and perfectly behind you in seconds. Magic Mesh is ideal when you have your hands full and canít open and close a door or if you have young children who have a tendency to leave the doors open behind them. With Magic Mesh there strategically embroidered magnetic straps will open with the slightest push and close tightly behind you so your doors are never open, allowing bugs to get through.

What Makes the Mesh so Great

Warm months often lend to lots of family gatherings, reunions and barbeques and thatís a lot of traffic going in and out of your house. All that foot traffic offers bugs ample time to make their way indoors and that can lead to serious problems later. With Magic Mesh you can enter and exit your home in a hands free way and have the peace of mind knowing that the door will shut tightly behind you immediately every time. That means no forgotten doors being left open, no dropping food or drinks as you try to open doors without free hands and less opportunity for bugs to make your home their new home!

Magic Mesh is also handy and perfect for campers, tents and areas that have pets that go in and out all day. Simply attach Magic Mesh to your existing camper or tent entryway and you no longer have to worry that bedtime will be shared with little critters youíd rather not sleep with.

Although pets are more tolerant with insects, they too look forward to lounging around and sleeping without being bothered by pesky insects. Magic Mesh is ideal to put over their outdoor sleeping area and since Magic Mesh is lightweight but reliable, pets can have the freedom of going in and out of the house instead of being cooped up inside waiting on someone to let them out. As they meander from inside to outside, Magic Mesh will open for them easily and close quickly and tightly behind them every time!