Memory Foam Overlay Queen - King Size 

Super high density Memory Foam is a scientific breakthrough, originally developed by NASA, that moulds naturally to personal contours, yet always returns to its original shape.

Your body will gently sink into the densely supple Memory Foam, giving incredible support with luxurious softness.

Designed to relieve aches, pains and circulatory problems by encouraging even weight distribution along the length of the body. This alleviates high pressure areas, as shown by the orange and cream areas on the Pressure Map diagram.

Size 2000 long x 1620 wide x 40mm thick

How do I use the Memory Foam overlay?
Place on top of your mattress and make your bed as usual. If using with an electric blanket place it on top of the overlay. A light sponge can be used to clean the overlay

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Normally  $199.99