The Stone Wave is a great product for cooking many types of foods in the microwave. Do you want the fluffiest scrambled eggs? Make them in minutes using the ceramic stoneware, even add some cheese. Then you can serve the eggs in the same bowl you cooked them in. With the Stone Wave stoneware you will also get a pretty cool recipe book. Cook all types of gourmet meals and desserts in your microwave. Clean up is a snap. This product for the kitchen has a steam release chimney and is made from a non-stick surface. The handles even stay cool to the touch. The StoneWave cookware has that special chimney element which allows steam to escape and the custom dome shape makes it so the heat circulates evenly. Stone Wave, the ceramic stoneware for your microwave, cooks your food evenly in a cleverly designed pot with a non-stick surface and stay cool handle.


NZD $19.99