Bra Baby 

Keep Your Bra In
Perfect Shape!

You could pay up to $80 for a
good bra, only to have it ruined
in the washing machine. BraBABY is a unique patent-pending
device that will protect padded bras in the washing machine.
Its two-shell design supports the cups, keeping them from getting damaged in the washing machine. Your bra will be protected from the agitator and from the weight of the other clothes in the spin cycle. Simply secure your bra inside and toss in the wash. It's safe, easy, and best of all, no more handwashing! It's even safe for use in the dryer too. So keep your expensive padded bras in perfect shape with the BraBABY!

BraBABY, Protect Your Bra And Fine Washables 6

See The difference BRA BABY can make

BraBABY, Protect Your Bra And Fine Washables 7

Protects bras from
twisting, scuffing,
stretching and crushing
No more handwashing
Safe for use in dryers