Deebot D68 - Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Deebot D68 is great with large rooms but unlike most other robotic vacuums is highly efficient with cleaning small and complicated areas too!

D68 is a top of the line Robotic Vacuum Cleaner.  Is great with large rooms but unlike most other robotic vacuums D68 is highly efficient with cleaning small and complicated areas too. When the Deebot D68 moves into a smaller area, or perhaps one with a lot of furniture, it will automatically move to a program with a tighter “zigzag” pattern, this enables him to clean the entire floor area without repetition. This intelligent programming makes D68 a must of every home!

Key Features of the D68 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner:

  • Two Side Brushes Provide Better Cleaning Ability:  Two side brushes provide D68 more efficient cleaning ability by cleaning a wider path on one pass as compared to robots with only one side brush.
  • Cleaning of All Types of Floors: D68 is capable of cleaning all types of floors, such as hard wood, ceramic tile, low-pile carpet, and even thick-pile carpet (within 2cm). His extremely powerful driving wheels enable him to drive over and clean thick-pile carpet, freeing you from carpet cleaning. And his working noise with such powerful motors is only 60 decibels, which is below the normal noise level in your home.
  • Intelligent Time scheduling:D68 is at your service 24/7. You can pre-set it to clean your floors at whatever time you like, even if you won't be at home. You never need to give floor litter a second thought.
  • Super Slim Design: A little robot with a big punch. Forget worrying about cleaning underneath beds and closets. Standing just 9.6cm tall, D68 can easily travel beneath your furniture and clean those hard-to-reach places for you.
  • Silent Design: With a working noise output of just 60 decibels, D68 will not interfere with a normal conversation or your listening to TV or Music.
  • Side Brush Design:The side brushes of D68 are 15mm longer than other Deebots, which enable him to clean edges more efficiently and a wider cleaning path.
  • Antibacterial Design: All surface parts, dust bin and filter are produced with antibacterial silver nano-particles which inhibits bacteria from growing. The effectiveness has been tested by the scientific agency SIAA in Osaka, Japan.


So many things about the D68 are's amazing it truely will do everything for you:

  • Automatic dust detection: D68 works smarter so it can clean more, faster. Hidden sensors on the underside detect dust on the floor and allow him to decide, by itself, on the most effective cleaning path.
  • Automatic Roaming: Equipped with a 360° front swivel wheel and suspended drive wheels, D68 can turn freely and move smoothly around your home. When it encounters an object, it will automatically change direction and continue cleaning. Special drop sensors even prevent D68 from falling down the stairs, so you don't need to keep an eye on him. Just sit back, relax, and let D68 do the rest.
  • Automatic Charging: You don't need to worry about D68 running out of power while he is working. When the battery is low, he will automatically return to the dock and begin recharging. You won't need to lift a finger.


Around The Clock Protection:

  • Timely Malfunction Warnings D68 will automatically warn you in the following situations: Low-Battery: full dust-box; dust-box missing or improperly inserted; drive wheel malfunction; main brush malfunction. You can relax as everything is monitored by the robot and will only sound an alarm to indicate when something is wrong.
  • Stair Safety: You never need to worry about D68 falling down your stairs. Intelligent sensors in his underside can detect height drops greater than 8cm in height. D68 will automatically move away from the edge when such a situation happens. Accessories for the Deebot D68 - All Included Side Brushes: Side-brushes effectively clean the edges of walls and in corners.
  • Agitator Brush: Deebot's central cleaning brush not only sweeps up debris but also dust on the floor.
  • Anti-bacterial Dust-box: It captures the bacterial, prevents it from growing, thus reducing bacterial in your home, to give you and your family an all-round healthier living environment.
  • Battery: With its NI-MH rechargeable battery, Deebot lasts longer and cleans more floor space.
  • Remote Control: Enables you to control the robot from a distance.
  • Virtual Wall: This tool sends out an infra-red beam, which is invisible to us but which Deebot detects and will not cross. So, no need to worry that it will go somewhere it shouldn't be.

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NZD 999.99