Dryer Balls

The dryerballs mechanical softeners have different tensile strengths and different shaped softening nodes. They work together in the tumble dryer to mechanically

soften fabrics without the harmful chemicals found in fabric softener and dryer sheets. The dryerballs lift and separate the laundry whilst drying, thus reducing drying time and creasing. The dryerballs softeners also retain the heat and transfer it to the clothes as they tumble, further speeding up the drying process.

balls There is no need to add a chemically laden “softening” dryer sheet or use fabric softener in your wash. Place both dryerballs softeners in the tumble dryer and operate the machine at
the usual heatsetting for the fabrics. dryerballs mechanical softeners are re-usable - just leave them
in the tumble dryer to get the benefits time and time again!