Ear Lifts 

EarLift™ for your earlobes
Are Your Earlobes Sagging, Torn or Damaged? Do Your Earrings Wobble, Tilt or Not Sit Properly? Then you need Ear Lifts, the remarkable earring support solution for pierced ears. EarLifts™ are invisible and works virtually all types of pierced earrings…studs, hoops, dangles and hooks.

Fix your stretched and droopy ear lobe problem instantly. Just peel & press the EarLifts™ invisible adhesive disc to the back of your earlobe. You're now ready to wear all your favorite earrings in comfort and confidence.

EarLifts™ is an invisible disc (patch) made of a medical grade material layered with a hypoallergenic (skin friendly) adhesive that instantly secures earrings by taking weight off the earring hole, relieving the ear lobe of pressure.