Throw away less food with this vacuum sealing storage system.
Air can be the worst enemy of food...Just try to leave a slice of banana, avocado or potato on the kitchen worktop, in just 5 minutes it will become oxidised, leaving it black and very unappealing to eat!


The Food Sealer sucks the air out and seals the bag; dramatically extending the shelf life of your food. Now you can have an affordable, high quality vacuum sealing machine in your very own home.

The tough sealer bags are fully washable & dishwasher proof which makes them reuseable.
Affordable, high quality vacuum sealing machine in your own home.

Safely store foodstuffs for months at a time without damage from moisture or air before they lose flavours or go off.

Some great ideas that might surprise you, sealing important documents such as certificates, deeds or photos to protect them from damp or any damage.

Shampoos or toiletries: donít risk them exploding all over your suitcase when packing for your holiday. Vacuum seal them to make sure they arrive safe and sound.

Make your own boil in the bag meals, just keep them in the freezer ready to go in the microwave.

Ensure you're prepared with Extra Food Sealer rolls. Simply cut the roll to the length you require - no wastage at all!



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