Fridge Balls 

Fridge Balls

  • Save money by cutting down on waste and spoilage
  • Just place 1 fridgeball into every produce drawer
  • Keeps produce fresher and longer

Do you want to eat healthier, but hate going to the store every few days for fresh fruits and vegetables? Or do you find that the fruit and veggies you buy usually go bad before you use them all? If this sounds familiar, then you will love Fridge Balls! With these refrigerator balls, your produce will stay fresh for up to 3 weeks longer - saving you time and money!

It's a difficult dilemma when grocery shopping - do you buy just enough fruits and veggies to last a couple of days, or do you stock up and hope they stay fresh enough so you won't have to throw any away? With FridgeBalls, you can actually stock up on fresh produce, and feel confident that you aren't wasting your money! Because Fridge Balls will extend the life of your produce by up to 3 times, you can save hundreds of dollars each year by wasting less, and stocking up on the good deals!

Just how do these refrigerator balls work? They use the same technology that supermarkets and grocers use to keep their produce fresh for longer! As fruits and vegetables age, they emit gasses that make them spoil. Retail store owners know that potassium absorbs these gasses, keeping them fresher for much longer. FridgeBalls contain the same potassium, causing the same long-lasting effect! With refrigerator balls, you can also have fresh produce for much longer!

If you'd like to eat healither, with less trips to the store, and waste less food, then it's time for you to order FridgeBalls! Fridgeballs contain all-natural minerals proven to absorb the gasses that cause fruits and vegetables to ripen too quickly. Replace your Fridge Balls every 60 days for maximum performance.