The Head Massager is a sensationally sensuous way to relax, stimulate and even seduce yourself or someone else! The towering, raising, smooth and gentle motions of the massager softly stimulates the pressure points on the scalp as itís rounded stainless-steel smooth tips tingle the head and send shivers through the body! The Head Massager is man (or woman!) powered and does not use batteries or electricity. It can be used from any age and has a gentle soothing and lulling effect that is even suitable for small children and babies. What if you could have all the benefits of a head-massage, the healing hands of a talented, gifted kneader and the convenience of having them by your side, at your service 24/7 all throughout the stressful year? You can forget about double bookings and impractical time slots, when you buy the Head Massager youíll never want a personsí hands on your head again! Also known as the 'Orgasmatron',the Head Massager was this year's favorite under $20 fun gift to give your mom, grandma, co-workers, and anyone in need of a sweet pick-me-up gift.