Hercules Hook 

Hercules Hooks As Seen On TVIntroducing Hercules Hooks. Infomercial features Billy Mays. Each small steel hook supports an incredible 150 pounds! That's the weight of an average person! Installs easily by hand with no tools, through a pin-size hole. Hang everything from small frames to heavy mirrors and shelves. Just twist, push and turn.

         The Hercules Hook is the easiest way to hang pictures, mirrors, shelves just about anything. Hercules hook is easy to install just twist, push and turn! No more drilling or pounding to try to find a stud - No more damaged walls! The reinforced steel design provides the muscle to hang and hold up to 150 lbs. Hercules Hook is great for plaster, drywall or paneling.

          The Hercules Hook doesn�t require and tools for installation, nor do you need to find studs for installation. The Hercules Hook works anywhere you want it to. Just twist, push and turn. And when it�s removed, you�re left with just a pin size hole. Compare that to other nails and hooks that leave unsightly craters and cracks.

  Twist, Push, Turn. Pick a point on the wall where you want the bottom of the hook to sit. Then, measure 1/4" directly above that point and set the tip there. Next, with firm forward pressure, twist the hook back and forth (like a key) until you have chiselled through the wall. Now turn the Hercules Hook upward and push completely into the wall until only the hook is exposed


1.) Pick a point on the wall; place the bottom of the hook.
2.) Twist the hook back and forth like a key.
3.) Turn the hook upward; push completely into the wall!

Holds, hangs and secures them all! No hammers, nails or drills!

Hercules Hooks As Seen On TV