Hot Plate Magic 

Non-Stick BBQ Liner

Barbeque Magic non-stick Hotplate Liner

40 x 50cm

A reusable non-stick, washable liner to use on the hotplate of a BBQ.
Protects the surface of the hotplate from corrosion and rust.

Trim this liner to fit your hotplate. Never again will the marinade make a mess of your hotplate.
No more spending 20 minutes preparing the hotplate when all you need to cook for is 10mins.

Barbeque Magic eliminates the need for fats and oils on the hotplate so is ideal for diabetics or people who wish to reduce their fat intake. Perfect to cook bacon and eggs, fish, chicken, satay marinated foods & vegetables. Even pancakes and fritters.

To clean just use a couple of paper towels to wipe over the liner then turn your barbecue off and it is clean and ready to use again.
If you have a lid on your BBQ leave the liner on and close the lid. It can be use in the roasting dish of the big BBQs.
Great for camping ,Great to use on public BBQs.

We think of our Barbeque Magic as a non-stick hotplate in a tube.

As with all our products - with care they can last for years