Miracle Blade 

The famous Chef Tony demonstrated the Miracle Blade III knives at the renowned Culinaire des Artes Cooking School, and the chefs wanted to throw out their old knives! So impressed were they by the tempered steel blades with the spectacular 3-in-1 edge that NEVER needs sharpening, that they ordered them on the spot. Chef Tony demonstrated how easily you can cut through frozen foods, bones, even metal, and then get perfect slices of delicate tomatoes, thin shavings of meat, and clean wedges of other foods every time! 

Every kitchen needs a good set of knives. And this set of 11 knives is a well thought out collection that satisfies your kitchen needs. The set includes an all-purpose slicer with its own clever built-in serving fork; a rock'n'chop cleaver that allows you to use the rocking motion that makes cutting rhythmical and simple, a boning and filet knife for maximum meat removal from the bone, paring knife for fruits and veggies, 4 steak/utility knives that serve as dinner settings as well as being useful for other chores, chop and scoop utensil, all-purpose shears (that perform an amazing array of services around the kitchen from cutting pizza to cookie dough), and a second all-purpose slicer. Makes a wonderful gift!

Miracle Filet Knife
Miracle Rock N Chop Chopper
Miracle Chop N Scoop chopper
Miracle Scissor
Miracle Paring Knife
Miracle Steak /Utility knives X (4)
All purpose Miracle Slicers X (2)
Miracle Blade Butcher Block