Product Details
This automatic hands-free Jar opener is the design & quality leader in the market. The ergonomic handheld, compact design is shaped to fit the palm, is easy to store and is totally portable.

This appliance is ideal for those with disabled hands (including arthritis etc). You simply place the battery powered cordless jar opener on top of the Jar and push the button. The device grips the side of the jar lid and rotates opening all sizes of jars automatically. No more fumbling with stuborn tight jar lids. The device stores easily in a kitchen drawer thus freeing up valuable counter space.

1.Patented mechanical design, offers the most effortless way to open jars; hands free operation !

2.Opens most common domestic jars from 10mm to 100mm diameter cylindrical and is Powered by two AA alkaline batteries (not included);

3.1 easy step to operate - Place on top of the jar and a simple press of “start” button will activate the Auto start. The device adjusts to the size of the jar lid, grips the jar firmly and powerfully twists open that lid. Auto-shut off stops the One Touch Jar Opener after it has opened the jar. So easy to use and suitable for all ages.