The PainGone treatment from Tower Health is really successful and easy to use; just three one-minute treatments a day are all you need. The fully self-contained device is powered by crystals giving you the power at your fingertips. Simply click the button to provide instant relief whereever it’s needed. The PainGone treatment is just as effective over clothing.

Over the past decade PainGone has provided benefits to thousands of sufferers, many of whom have spent hundreds of pounds on trying to achieve relief without success until they tried PainGone on our unconditional money back guarantee. In fact PainGone has proved so effective that 9 out of 10 people who try it decide to keep it.

PainGone from Tower heath is a pocket sized drug-free therapy device that offers you fast and effective relief from pain at the click of a button. The PainGone pen is clinically tested and was awarded “best medical product of the year” on its launch.

How Does PainGone Work?

The PainGone pen works on the principles of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (also known as TENS or TNS). PainGone is now widely accepted as a breakthrough in TNS therapy, which is a clinically tested and well known treatment used by millions worldwide.

The PainGone Medical Device works by delivering a self-powered, specific and controlled frequency designed to activate the body’s natural protective mechanisms.

Clinical tests have been conducted on sufferers of many chronic conditions. After one of the trials at a NHS Hospital, Dr Moore reported; “Many of our patients have been really pleased with the results and in several cases we have witnessed a dramatic life-altering change