ROOTBLAST® 2-1-2 is designed to release nutrients quickly for fast root development in all plants young and old. Experts agree roots are the most important part of a plant because that’s how a plant gets its water, nutrition and most of its oxygen. Rootblast is effective in producing bigger roots as well as new plant shoots creating optimal plant health for bigger plants and better yields. Use for seed germination, transplanting and to give your established plants a boost. Use once-per-season around all of your perennials, bushes and trees too. Follow up with Tomatoblast or Plantblast for extended feeding for the growing plant.

1 Rootblast pouch 340gm




2 * 1.15kg bottles
1 * 400gm bottle
Plastic measuring scoop



ROOTBLAST 9kg Bucket

9kg Bucket enough for up to 1600 plants


TOMATOBLAST™ 5-6-8 is also a blend of organic and inorganic elements.
Use when transplanting or as a top dressing around your tomato and other vegetable plants. The organic nutrients boost the greenhouse and garden tomato’s resistance to plant disease and insects and the added potassium and calcium offer optimum results in tomato hardiness, growth, maturity, quality and greatly reduces tomato blossom end rot. The combination of elements gives the plant a quick robust start and superior continued feeding up to 4 weeks.  397gm


PLANTBLAST™ 5-6-5 is a blend of both organic and inorganic elements
providing your houseplants, flowers and plants with a balanced level of micronutrients for optimal plant health and growth. This unique combination maintains healthy balanced growth over the whole season, improving soil condition and releases nutrients in time with the seasonal plant needs. It won’t cause leaf burn, soil damage or toxicity giving you healthier good tasting, fine looking plants that are less disease prone. The organics add humus to the soil which encourages earthworms and beneficial soil organisms for longer term benefits. Feeds up to 4 weeks. 397gm


GRASSBLAST™ 8-6-5 micronutrient organic blend is ideal for all grass applications. Use with new seed, sod or to boost established lawns. It will not burn the germinating seeds thus giving a solid takeoff and boosts exceptional deep rooting when used under sod, thus cutting down on required watering. Use a top dressing on established lawns for a thicker, healthier lawn thus choking out weed development. Great for those dry, brown or bare spots too. Environmentally safe to use around pets. Apply up to 3 times per year.  397gm