Smart Lidz

Necessary Kitchen Helper

Chef Tony's Smart Lidz- Set of 4 Chef Tony's Smart Lidz vacuum seal any bowl, jar cup or can - any size shape or material, helping food last longer than ever! Saves food, time and money with a vacuum seal. Just Press and seal. Leakproof! Microwave, freezer and dishwasher (top rack) safe! Press in to vacuum seal, lift tab to open! 



Keeps food fresher longer

Just press to seal

Lids are reusable

Stores food and liquids


Simple to use:

1. Put food or drink containers on the fresh cover.

2. With the hand press transparent fresh cover center position, the air discharge in order to achieve a vacuum effect.

3. The live fresh cover handle below, by gently pushing up, make the air into, can be simple to open.