Tan Towel 10 Pack 

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Tan Towel Evolution Pack



Self-tanning Towelette

  • Ease in travel with no mess (e.g., leaks, spills, etc.)
  • Single use application
Revolutionary self-tanning formula
  • Dries in seconds
  • Will not discolor ankles, knees, elbows, joints, etc.
Tanning formula impregnated in towelette
  • No streaking and easy to apply
Pulp fiber towelette
  • Exfoliates the skin during the application
  • Allows for even consistent tan
  • Allows for smoother and softer skin
Single use formula
  • Allows you to gauge the levels of tan based on the number of towelette applications
Clean citrus fragrance
  • The fragrance will dissipate within 5 minutes
  • Will not combat with perfume or cologne
Individually heat sealed packet
  • Maintains quality and integrity of product to ensure long-lasting life.