Professional restoration
at a fraction of the cost!

  • Restores the original beauty of your furniture
  • Hides superficial scratches and defects on finished furniture and floors
  • No wax or sticky build-up
  • Protects against spills
  • Rejuvenates finishes and prevents cracking
  • Produces a permanent repair
  • Contains no harmful propellants or CFCs

So often a cherished antique, a piece of furniture being moved or an item fresh of off the production line is marred with superficial surface scratches and nicks. Trade Secret Scratch Removers make it possible for you to avoid costly, time consuming and toxic refinishing jobs. Simply wipe it on, then wipe off the excess and restore the pieces to their original beauty. Unlike refinishing, the Trade Secret Scratch Removers work with the existing finish and will not affect the patina of the furniture so that antiques will retain their original value. With our fast-drying formulation your furniture will look like new in no time at all!

Dark Scratch Remover: Recommended for walnut, mahogany, cherry and other dark woods

Light Scratch Remover: Recommended for maple, pine, oak and other light woods




  • Reveals and preserves the natural shine of your furniture
  • Protects against spills
  • Prevents cracks and yellowing
  • No wax or sticky build-up
  • Removes dust and fingerprints
  • Silicone free
  • Scents: Country, Lemon and Orange

Years of product testing with furniture manufacturers and industry professionals have resulted in the creation of the finest furniture polishes and cleaners available. Unlike most commercial brands, this exclusive formula contains no silicone, acids or wax leaving your finished wood pieces looking beautiful. With over 5 times more active ingredients than 10% in most commercial brands, Trade Secret, not only outperforms, but outlasts the competition as a little goes a long way. Without the sticky build-up that is created when conventional cleaners are used, Trade Secret will reveal the original beauty of your furniture and the gentle blend of ingredients will prolong its life for years to come.


  • Won't shrink. Blended from high grade wax
  • Can be coated with any finish including lacquer, varnish and urethanes
  • Colorfast. Won't change color when exposed to sunlight or UV rays
  • Ideal for: Tables, cabinets, counters, desks, chairs, bookcases, wall-units, doors, molding, floors, picture frames and more
  • Lead free


The high grade blend of pigmented wax used in the making of Trade Secret Fill Sticks ensures that you get the finest results when repairing nicks, gouges, scratches and other defects on furniture, cabinets, floors and woodwork. The repair sticks contour to the shape of any defect. Simply fill in the defect and remove the excess with a cloth.