Are you tired of struggling to remove embarrassing facial hair? Now there's Tweeze - the amazing breakthrough that not only finds, grasps and removes unwanted hair, but it also helps keep hair from growing back for weeks! Tweeze's patented technology attracts hair like a magnet from every angle, so it's virtually impossible to miss a hair. And, unlike trimmers, Tweeze leaves skin soft and stubble-free. Use it to remove unwanted hair around your chin, lip, underarms, legs and feet.

Perfect for both men and women
Control with pinpoint precision in any direction
Unlike manual tweezers
Easily removes even the shortest, finest hair
Leaves skin soft and stubble free
Ideal for all skin types
Safely removes hair, no cuts or nicks
Use on Lip, Chin, Knees, Cheeks, Toes, Bikini
Great for Travel
Easy to clean, includes cleaning brush