The Window Wizard is a revolutionary window cleaning system. Its powerful internal magnets lock the two sides of the Wizard together through the glass so when you move one side, the other side follows! Now you can clean high rise windows without having to climb up a ladder or pay a window cleaner. You can clean conservatories, greenhouses, skylights, patio doors, bedroom windows and even shower screens, mirror and tiles!

Plus you won need to buy expensive cleaning solutions. All the Window Wizard needs is water and washing up liquid!

Use the sponge to wash and break down dirt on glass, tiled or mirrored surfaces. Then turn the handle and using the direction of the arrows wipe and polish to get a clean, streak free finish.

Please Note
If your Window Wizard sticks together, simply turn each side in opposite directions and pull apart, or refer to the instructional DVD

Window Wizards are not suitable for leaded windows, they are only suitable for Double Glazed Windows

Each Order Contains:
1 Purple Double Glaze Window Wizard
Instructional DVD
Instructional Leaflet